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Drinking Enough Water

Best, easy and cheap summer beauty diet

Drinking enough water is very important for the skin and hair. In fact, the major constituent of blood is water. It is the fluidity of blood that helps in transporting nutrients, oxygen and even wastes in the body.

drinking enough waterHair is actually fed by the nutrients in the blood stream and the proper circulation of blood to the skin surface is important for skin health.

Water stimulates the circulation of blood. It not only oxygenates the skin, but keeps it hydrated and also regulates the skin’s natural balance.

Summer is the time for cool drinks, not only to replenish fluids, but also to keep the body cool. This is also another way of meeting the body’s fluid requirement.

“Nimbu Paani” is an ideal drink during the summer. You can add one teaspoon of honey and a pinch of salt. If you suffer from any specific diseases, like diabetes, you should take the advice of your doctor regarding additives, like salt, sugar or honey, to cold drinks and fruit juices.

Avoid aerated drinks and take fresh fruit juices instead. Fruit juices should be taken freshly extracted and diluted with water.

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Summertime Skincare Time

Keep yourself safe and healthy in the sun

As hemlines get shorter, the days get longer and you’re spending all of your free time outside, it’s time to start thinking about your summertime skincare.

Summertime SkincareWhile all of the nice sunlight might feel good, it can do damage to your skin, regardless of your complexion. Sunscreen usage is imperative to prevent aging and skin cancer and if your mom hasn’t been able to convince you to protect your skin from the sun, hopefully reading this article will.

The sun emits UVA and UVB rays that are bad for your skin. UVB rays cause sunburn and are closely associated with skin cancer. UVA rays penetrate the skin deeper than UVB rays, and as a result cause more long-term damage.

These rays are associated with wrinkling, leathering and sagging of the skin. To protect your skin from these harmful rays, you’ll want to look for a specially formulated broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Sunscreens contain varying levels of SPF and deciding which one is best for you can be tricky. SPF stands for sun protection factor, meaning if it normally takes you 10 minutes in the sun to turn red, wearing an SPF level of 15 will make you take 15 times longer to turn red.

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More Skincare Additions

A lot of new options tested

More Skincare Additions Let’s talk about skincare! I’ve cemented myself a pretty solid routine of products that I love and that work for me, but there’s always room to try something a little different and pop in a few more summer appropriate skincare additions – aka, things that prevent me from melting in the heat!

From SPF to a super refreshing toning spray – there’s a lot of new things I’ve been testing out, so grab a cuppa’ and enjoy!

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White Eyeliner

3 Ways to wear this summer’s trend

Few things look as glamorous against golden bronzed skin as the color white. So, it makes sense that one of summer’s sexiest eye looks is one that uses white eyeliner.

White EyelinerSure, there’s something a little mod about a thick white line on your eyelid, but white liner can also be applied to the waterline to create the illusion of whiter, brighter, bigger eyes.

White eyeliners can also double as brow bone pencils. Apply directly under you natural brown line and smudge for an alternative to traditional highlighters. This also helps to make eyes and brows pop.

Have a look at a few ways to wear summer’s white eyeliner:

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Summer Beauty Products

Various options to explore

Some summer beauty products for you. I’ve done loads of these posts as I got a bit carried away doing still life photographs!

summer beauty productsIn this one there’s a brilliant body moisturiser, a couple of very lightweight face hydrators and some other bits and bobs that have grabbed my interest. Can you tell that I’ve become preoccupied with organising my products according to packaging colours?

It’s a terrible habit – I have dozens of still life compositions waiting in my drafts folder, but some of the product combinations are just too random to publish!

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